• The Power Plug cannot be used to monitor or control the charging of electric vehicles.

  • The devices that make up your Cloogy kit are paired by default. Never click the "Pair" button on any of the devices in your Cloogy kit.

  • Virtual Power Solutions cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred on devices conected to any of Cloogy kit components.

About Cloogy
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About Cloogy

What is Cloogy?

Cloogy is an energy management solution that allows you to monitor the total consumption of your home or your office, or the production of, for example, electrical energy from solar energy. You can also monitor the specific consumption of a particular device, and control it remotely, through a Power Plug.

Is Cloogy compatible with other devices?

Yes, Cloogy uses the Zigbee Home Automation communication protocol which allows pairing other devices that use this protocol. Check the List of Compatible Devices that have already been tested and which are in their test period.

What is the maximum current that Cloogy kit components can bear?

The Power Plug supports a current of up to 13A (Amperes). The Clamp measures up to a maximum current value of 60A (Amperes). See also the question Is the clamp compatible with all switchboards?


What do I need to have to connect a Cloogy?

To connect a Cloogy you need to have a fixed connection to the internet and a free Ethernet port. The Cloogy system does not support 3G internet mobile broadband.

Do I need a certified electrician to install Cloogy?

No, Cloogy is designed so that anyone can install it if they follow the given instructions. However, should you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.

Can Cloogy be installed in three-phase electrical switchboards?

Cloogy can be used in a single-phase or three-phase installation; however the kit is only prepared for single-phase installations. In case you have a three-phase installation, contact us to buy 2 additional Clamps.

Is the clamp compatible with all switchboards?

The Clamp included in your Cloogy kit measures up to a maximum current of 60A (Amps), a value considered sufficient for most household switchboards. However, if you need to measure a higher current you can contact our Customer Service. Indicating us the value that is in the circuit breaker of your electric switchboard, with the A unit, we will immediately send you a compatible Sensor.

Mobile App

Where can I download the Cloogy mobile App?

The Cloogy application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in their stores. Here you can download the App suitable for your operating system.

What features are available in the Cloogy App?

Using the Cloogy App allows you to access your consumption data through your smartphone or tablet anywhere and anytime. The main functionalities offered by the app are: monitoring the electricity consumption (log and in real time), check consumption indicators (performance, daily average, forecasts, among others) and ecological footprint, control and scheduling operating periods of your electrical equipment (turn your equipment on and off from a distance).


I cannot activate my Cloogy Kit.

Contact our Customer Service.

I have no data on my Cloogy.

Restart all system components. For battery powered equipment, remove and reinsert the batteries. For all others, remove and reinsert them into a electric socket (including the Smart Plug). If Cloogy has been in use for some time, you may need to replace the transmitter batteries (see the battery indicator in the Portal or in the App). If the problem still persists after these procedures, please contact our Customer Service.

Is the Transmitter communicating correctly with the Hub?

Enter the Cloogy Portal, click on Electricity and then on the "Now" tab. After a few seconds you should have data available. If not, restart the Transmitter (remove the batteries, wait 5 seconds and put them back in). After 3 minutes data should appear in the "Now" tab.

I have already followed the steps indicated above and there is still no data.

Move the Transmitter closer to the Hub or place a Power Plug at an intermediate point between these two components. If none of these procedures solves the situation, please contact our Customer Service.

On the Cloogy Portal, the symbols on the Settings that indicate the devices are communicating with each other are not green.

If you have data on the "Now" tab or any other tab it means that the devices are communicating. Within 24 hours the symbols will be green.

I compared the consumption indicated by Cloogy with the one given by the official meter of my electricity supplier and the values do not match.

Check that the consumption you have observed in the official meter refers to the same period of time as the value indicated by your Cloogy. Make sure that you have installed the sensor in the main extension of your installation. The official meter is a power and energy meter, Cloogy bases its information on the intensity of the current through the clamp. For this reason, Cloogy makes some assumptions to estimate the power consumed that may sometimes not correspond to reality, considering a constant voltage of 230V.

If the answer to the question you have is not included on this Frequently Asked Questions list, please contact our Customer Support.

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